The story of monoliths and wooden wall art.

by sharon on August 3, 2009

photo023photo024For those that ask ? A monolith is a large block of stone consisting of one piece.

The term originates from the greeks where “mono” means single and “lith” means stone.

A monolith can be natural or man made, well our monoliths are unique in their design as they are not stone, but stunning pieces of natural edge timber.

At the moment I am working on a 6ft piece of oak, one side is machined flat whilst the back edge is half round.

The bark has been removed to reveal some fantastic shapes and patterns.

The front has some cat paw patterns and once resined will contain a miriad of colours.

Once finished this will be a truly stunning piece that would make a stunning focal point in any home/office.

I will post pictures of the work in progress over the next few days, then you can follow the progress and see the transformation taking place.

From an ordinary looking piece of timber into a beautiful work of art.


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