Benefits and Disadvantages of Technology on Unique Oil Paintings

by sharon on August 1, 2010

Benefits and Disadvantages of Technology on Unique Oil Paintings

Oil painting is known as a type of art that goes back ages and,

was used as a way of ornament for things like well-known estates,

castles and in addition the house of some commoners.

Different Great painters coming from completely different times in times gone by created countless oil paintings depicting the tradition,

surroundings, politics and society of their own respective time period.

These art works are nonetheless present in various museums worldwide.

Today, they say that it will be not as simple to discover a real master painter,

that knows all of the unique techniques used in oil paintings.

Anybody can do oil paint no matter if the person has schooling,

experience or has any ability or not.

Long before cameras have been created people,

could pay an artist to draw a portrait of someone for a wedding anniversary gift,

a birthday or as some distinctive present for nearly any other special occasion.

With this type of painting it required an individual to sit for a lot of hours,

because the painter would then attempt to paint a scene nearly as good as possible.

It can be a very tough and strenuous activity not only for the artist but additionally for the subject being painted.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Technology on Unique Oil Paintings

European artists during the 15th century were the ones who had been credited for the creation of painting on wooden panels with oil media.

Also during the fifteenth century oil was made the painting medium,

along with exploring a number of benefits of glazes and layers which was then adopted by many others in Northern Europe.

It was only in the latter part of the 15th century when canvas was primarily used to paint on.

Sooner than that time, wood was principally used for oil artworks.

It was less expensive and simpler to carry around.

The recognition of this type of painting started to spread as it went on through Italy in the north,

with Venice through the late 15th century,

and by the year 1540 the older method of painting on a panel using tempera became extinct,

no one really used it aside from the Italians who did continue to make use of fresco for many wall paintings.

With contemporary technology with portrait painting,

any need for sitting in the identical place for several hours at a time was nearly obliterated.

Digital know-how has made so many factors a lot simpler and this includes art.

Now households or any groups of people who want to have an artist paint a portrait of all of them,

will just have to submit a photograph to get an oil painting carried out because the painter would then simply convert the picture to a canvas.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Technology on Unique Oil Paintings

The once good and exquisite art of oil painting,

has now become lost to the more ease and the speed of the digital contemporary era as well as the chaotic schedules and deadlines.

Nevertheless, lots of the oil painting painter largely are thought-about and well known as exceptionally spectacular craftsmen,

who are also reimbursed greatly for all of their competence with some prestige and in most cases a substantial commission fee.

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