How To Begin With Water Color Painting

by sharon on September 28, 2010

How To Begin With Water Color Painting

Water color painting is one of the ideal artsy choices for individuals who possess a innovative streak.

As with any other art form, this kind of painting might be difficult to master in the initial stages.

Nevertheless, with normal and consistent practice, you should be able to understand this art form within a very short time.

Here’s a water color painting guide to help you begin with it.

When starting with watercolor painting, the first thing that you need to do is opt for the correct paper.

The type of paper you opt for will go at fantastic length in deciding the general results.

You have largely three kinds of paper to choose between namely hot compressed, cold compressed and rough.

How To Begin With Water Color Painting

In case you want your painting to have a great deal of texture, the rough paper is your surest chance.

It has maximum tooth and can be used to create different textures within the painting. However,

this particular kind of paper can also be more challenging to use than its other counterparts.

Cold Pressed paper may be used to affect texture in a painting too.

Nevertheless, it’s more versatile and comfortable to use than rough paper.

Hot Compressed paper is the smoothest of the three papers used for water color paintings. Of the three, it is cold pressed paper though, that is used the most; by virtue of its versatility.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate paper for the painting, you must turn your attention to the paints next.

Just as you cannot treat pimples till you’ve used an efficient anti acne solution like Clearpores Skin Cleansing System; you are also unlikely to create a good painting without using high quality paints.

When deciding on paints, you have the choice of choosing between student and artist quality. Since, you’re just starting off, go for student quality.

Also, make sure that you buy just primary colors at first. Once you get comfortable with the art, you can go on to buy more colors.

Watercolor paints are available both in pans as well as tubes.

How To Begin With Water Color Painting

The right brush is just as important when talking about creating a watercolor masterpiece.

There are several different paint brush categories to choose between including fans, filberts, flats and mops.

Each one of these brushes have been specifically created to paint different strokes.

After, you’ve selected the perfect brush; remember to wear your contact lenses to protect your eyes while you paint.

With all the ideas at hand, you could start with your watercolor painting endeavors.

Since you’re a beginner, exercise caution while using paints.

Avoid any spilling of paint and wear an apron to prevent your clothes from going bad.

Keep your paint filled hands off your skin, lest you could invite acne troubles as well.

Better still, use Zenmed Derma Cleanse System if already nursing zits.

So, wait not more. Get started with watercolor painting right away.

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