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Should I buy freestanding or custom Kitchen Cabinets

by sharon on September 21, 2011

Cabinets are an integral component of the home as they establish the particular style and function of your room. Deciding on the right type of cabinets for the kitchen will make the space more convenient while enhancing the look and value of your property.

Once you’ve decided to go for custom cabinets, you should know that they are typically planned at the beginning of the project to be constructed specifically for you,meaning, following your preferred design, styles and other specifications.The choice of all the materials, form, size and doors is decided by the customer. Custom Cabinets are quite often the most impressive part of of the property. They’re more helpful in the long run, due to the added storage they offer. These cabinets usually come with a warranty for at least twenty years. These added benefits do come with a price however, as customized kitchen cabinetry can be high-priced. They also have a much longer lead time – it takes almost one to two months until they will be delivered. has a useful post explaining the benefits of custom cabinets. You can refer to that site for additional and essential information which could help you make a more informed decision. After all, it’s no joke to have kitchen cabinets installed as they are quite costly to build.

Alternatively, you can also get that modern kitchen design with free standing kitchen cabinets.These kind of cabinets offer a little less storage space and visual impact, but have a much more enticing price tag. So it will boil down to your personal choice.

Freestanding kitchen cabinets can also restore ordinary and unappealing cabinets and alter the look of the kitchen, thereby raising the value of your house. They can be a good investment decision, but be aware that kitchen remodelling can have extra expenditures.  For more information, visit

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