Oak kitchen table

December 4, 2010

A simple yet stunning oak kitchen table, based on the same design as their dining table supplied by us previously. This oak kitchen table is a stunning slab of English Pippy oak only 120cm in length and 62cm at its widest point but still large enough to seat 4 for occasional meals snacks and breakfast. The oak […]

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bartop made of cedar

November 14, 2010

We recently delivered a gorgeous single slab bartop made of cedar measuring 3.5m x 650mm x 65m thick, to Scotts restaurant in Ongar High Street, Essex. The bartop made of cedar was installed as the main counter/worktop in this lovely little restaurant and has been a talking point since its instillation. The bartop made of cedar […]

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Walnut coffee table

October 27, 2010

A simply beautiful English walnut coffee table  made from a single slab was selected by ourselves for a customer in London. The walnut coffee table  piece selected was 800mm at its widest and was some 3 metres in length. As English Walnut is so sought after by furniture makers this walnut coffee table was a lucky find, […]

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Unique coffee tables

September 27, 2010

  Not only are our unique coffee tables unique but unusual, we have some of the most unique pieces of timber available to use all in English hard and soft woods, as well as timber equally unusual from many corners of the world. Why be run of the mill? break the mold and design your own unique coffee table […]

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Unusual coffee tables and dining tables

September 27, 2010

Not only are our tables unique but unusal, we have some of the most unusual pieces of timber available to use all in English hard and soft woods, as well as timber equally unusual from many corners of the world. Why be run of the mill? break the mold and design your own unusual coffee table […]

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Solid oak coffee table with wrought iron magazine rack/shelf

September 21, 2010

Solid oak coffee table was made at the customers request, during our first converstion with the customer they requested a metal base incorporating a magazine rack, we gave the dimensions to a local blacksmith and he fabricated a magazine rack to the customers exact requirements. The suface of the Solid oak coffee table is finished in danish oil […]

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Natural edge furniture

September 7, 2010

Natural edge furniture Our customer requested  a Natural edge slab to make a Natural edge dining room table which was  highly figured, it will stand on their own designed bespoke metal stand and working with them we are having it fabricated to their exact requirements As you can see from the picture , we are lucky enough to be able […]

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Large oak slab dining table

August 20, 2010

Large oak slab dining table, I always thought that we were never lucky enough in the UK to come across large slabs of timber that could rival timbers available in the states, however over the years I have been lucky enough to come across some stunning large pieces of timber, none as spectacular as the […]

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Office computer desk, solid wood office furniture

August 1, 2010

Office computer desk, solid wood office furniture, we have been commissioned by a client to make a solid wood natural edge office desk. After several conversations and e mails it was decided that we construct the office computer desk out of cedar of lebonon, the single solid slab we chose for our client is 1.2m wide […]

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Table exhibit at Chimaera Art Gallery

June 27, 2010

We are pleased to announce our work can be viewed at Chimaera Art Gallery, Tontine Street. Folkstone, Kent, from the 2nd of July 2010. Our first two exhibits are both Scottish Burr elm, both stunningly beautiful with one finished in a specially formulated varnish and hand waxed, with the other finished in a high gloss lacquer. […]

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