Table exhibit at Chimaera Art Gallery

June 27, 2010

We are pleased to announce our work can be viewed at Chimaera Art Gallery, Tontine Street. Folkstone, Kent, from the 2nd of July 2010. Our first two exhibits are both Scottish Burr elm, both stunningly beautiful with one finished in a specially formulated varnish and hand waxed, with the other finished in a high gloss lacquer. […]

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Natural wood

April 27, 2010

Image via Wikipedia We have no older or deeper debt, it is a debt that we can repay and if we stop our all consuming greed we will be able to replant once natural ancient forests and in time many generations on they will once again be truly magical places. It is so easy to […]

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Bartops,natural, cedar

April 19, 2010

This natural edge, handcrafted, cedar bartops surrounds a food preparation area in Hickory smoke house dinner in Chester, it gives prospective customers an idea of just how durable our solid wood bartops are, not only do they make a stunning ,unique addition to any area but are also hard wearing and durable and become a stunning focal […]

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Handcrafted solid wood dining table extremely rare

March 29, 2010

Image via Wikipedia The wellingtonia commonly know in Europe/UK is the sequoia or big tree in America and is undoubtedly the larges tree on the planet. We are exceptionally excited to have obtained 2 huge  solid wood slabs fully seasoned and ready for use, this truly is a once in a lifetime and extremely rare opportunity for […]

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Cedar handcrafted free form bathroom vanity unit

March 2, 2010

The possibilities of free form natural edge furniture are seemingly endless, after delivering our bar tops to a restaurant conversion in Chester, we were asked by a regular customer if we could produce something highly individual for their ensuite shower room. We selected a 65mm thick solid wood piece of cedar of Lebanon which was […]

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Cedar and glass bespoke coffee table

February 3, 2010

We have been lucky enough to require a highly unique cedar natural edge solid wood slab, it will be transformed into our most unusual bespoke table to date. We plan on incorporating the slab with plate glass, it will then have four cedar legs fitted to make a truly remarkable  coffee table design and a focal point for any room. We […]

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Natural edge countertops

February 3, 2010

Natural edge countertops We have been commissioned by a refurbishment company in Chester to supply approximately 11 linear metres of cedar for a natural edge countertops. The pieces we have chosen are solid wood 60 mm thick and will be supplied, mitred with bar top connectors fitted. We also supply natural edge bartops and natural wood […]

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solid wood pippy oak coffee table

January 8, 2010

We had a piece of solid wood Pippy oak in our workshop which was under construction, a customer saw the piece of handcrafted furniture and requested it for his front room, however, this meant we had to work over Christmas to get this designer coffee table ready, after sanding down and preparing the piece, the timber had to be brought […]

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solid wood coffee tables

December 4, 2009

English Oak – Quercus robur. Solid wood coffee tables One of the most important trees that grace our countryside, it is called the king of trees and has a special place in English History, used for house building through out the centuries, it is still used today in timber framed construction, a remarkably durable timber […]

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Solid wood coffee tables

December 2, 2009

  The first wooden tables, in Britain, specifically designed as and called coffee tables, were made during the late Victorian era. There is a table designed by E.W. Godwin in 1868 and made in large numbers by William Watt and Collinson and Lock which is listed as a coffee table in ‘Victorian Furniture’ by R. W. Symonds […]

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