The story of monoliths and wooden wall art.

August 3, 2009

For those that ask ? A monolith is a large block of stone consisting of one piece. The term originates from the greeks where “mono” means single and “lith” means stone. A monolith can be natural or man made, well our monoliths are unique in their design as they are not stone, but stunning pieces […]

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English Burr Oak

July 14, 2009

A beautiful disc of English Burr Oak, estimated to be approximately 250 years old, it was sliced off the main trunk before the main section of tree was cut into boards for the construction industry. The burrs and cat paws markings are truly stunning, brought into the work shop some weeks ago after purchasing on […]

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Wall art and monoliths

June 28, 2009

Although at present our site only shows tables, we have been commissioned in the past to supply unusual pieces of timber, IE the piece of Buckeye in our under construction category as wall hangings. A truly unique idea, and for any one with an artistic flare a beautiful addition to their collection. The timber will […]

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A fantastic opportunity to own a piece of History

June 10, 2009

A fantastic opportunity to own a piece of English history. You could be the lucky person to own a particularly rare slab of Oak. You are probably thinking what is so rare about this lump of tree, well try 500 years old, it  fell as an acorn when Henry v111 was king and stood the […]

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British Oak Trees Dying

June 8, 2009

Britons Oak trees are dying at an alarming rate, prompting fears of a new ” Dutch Elm disease”, which hit the country side with devastating consequences in the 1970 ,s. One of the greatest species of oak, the common oak or quercus robur, which lives for 400 years, is dying before it reaches the age […]

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The Ancient Kauri Story

June 6, 2009

Ancient Kauri is the world`s oldest workable timber. The prehistoric Kauri forests that grew 50,000 years ago are preserved under the surface of the North Islands of New Zealand. Buried under a peat swamp by an unexplained act of nature, the trees have survived the centuries in an underground resting place, sealed in a chemically […]

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