Ancient Kauri - Unique wild WOOD FURNITUREAncient Kauri - Unique wild WOOD FURNITURE

Ancient Kauri

Ancient Kauri slab, imported from New Zealand, this piece is between 30 – 50 thousand years old, each piece comes with a carbon dated certificate stating its age.

The Ancient Kauri has been preserved for so long as it was buried in peat bog at the end of the last ice age.

Ancient Kauri is the worlds oldest workable timber, the prehistoric Kauri forests that grew 50,000 years ago are preserved under the surface of the North island of New Zealand.

Buried under a peat swamp by an unexplained act of nature, the trees have survived the centuries in an underground resting place, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in perfect condition.

The trees grew for nearly 2000 years before they were buried. some have a girth of around 40 feet, and a total height of nearly 200 feet.  They are among the largest trees in the world.

Extraction of the logs is time consuming, expensive and technically difficult requiring skilled operators of heavy machinery.  Working in wet conditions each log must be carefully brought to the surface.  Once removed from the ground the log is assessed, then milled to yield the best grain and timber qualities.

After the log has been removed, the area is then restored to its original contours with no environment consequences.

Despite its long burial, with careful selection, cutting and drying, the wood maintains its beautiful qualities and finishes to a rich cognac shade.  When polished the wood is a deep colour with hues, textures and sheens that constantly change under differing shades of light.  It literally glistens as if lit from beneath the surface,

Every finished piece becomes a collectible investment proven to stand the test of time.  It is not known how much Ancient Kauri lies beneath the ground, because there is a limited amount of Ancient Kauri available, you will want to take advantage of having the privileged opportunity to enjoy this distinctive and extremely rare wood.

The harvesting of Ancient Kauri is an ecologically sound practice.  Harvesting this wood entails no cutting of any standing trees and all of the land is redressed to its original contours.  Ancient Kauri is very Eco-friendly.

Radio carbon dating places the age of the Ancient Kauri trees that are being excavated from the northland of New Zealand at 50,000 years old.  This is the maximum limit of radio carbon dating, and it is quite possible the wood is even older than this age.

Some other ages.

-40,000 years ago the oldest Homo Sapiens were walking the planet.

-16000 years ago the depressions that will become the Great Lakes were fully formed.

-10,000 years ago woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers became extinct.

-8,000 years ago the North American Continent became ice free at the end of the last ice age.

If you are interested in a table made from Ancient Kauri then please get in touch and we will contact you when we next obtain a piece.

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