English Yew - Unique wild WOOD FURNITUREEnglish Yew - Unique wild WOOD FURNITURE

English Yew

English Yew – Taxus Baccata.

Yew Trees are native to Briton and particularly common in England and Wales, they were planted in churchyards as a deterrent to live stock entering as their seeds are poisonous. These evergreen trees grow very slowly and live for many hundred of years.

There are even some yew trees dated at over 2,000 years old.

An exceptionally resourceful wood and one of extreme importance. In the middle ages the timber was used for the formidable long bow that was capable of sending an arrow vast distances and able to pierce armour. it is also a valuable timber in the furniture trade, once seasoned the timber has a beautiful gold colour.

In early spring the yew can be seen in flower, and in late summer the bright red fruit appears. it is the seed inside the fruit that is poisonous.

A truly lovely timber to work with which seems to come alive once sanded.

We are having some stunning pieces of Yew delivered so if you have a specific interest in this beautiful wood log on soon or get in touch to discuss your needs.


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