Commissioned pieces. - Unique wild WOOD FURNITURECommissioned pieces. - Unique wild WOOD FURNITURE

Commissioned pieces.

This piece of cedar was commissioned by a couple in London, whom found our website on the Internet, this stunning timber was hand picked to accommodate our customers need, our customer is having a fitted cabinet made at home and wanted a suitable top which overhung.

The piece of cedar we chose was 6ft long by 3ft wide and approximately 250-275 years old and was felled in Sussex due to a lightning strike.

The cabinet top was prepared and several layer coats of a specialist formulated varnish and finished with several coats of beeswax for a hard, durable finish.  Comments from our customer can be found on our home page.





 These photos are of the finished article, as you can see every effort was made so that the piece of timber ordered blended in beautifully with it surroundings

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