Wellingtonia Dining table. - Unique wild WOOD FURNITUREWellingtonia Dining table. - Unique wild WOOD FURNITURE

Wellingtonia Dining table.

by sharon on January 13, 2012

Some times in life sereal things happen, when purchasing these magnificant wellingtonia slabs, I found out that I rode to work everyday for 5 years past the very same stunning wellingtonia tree that these slabs came from.

The slabs are 5ft wide x 13ft long x 3inches thick, and from the pictures you can see just how imposing they are.

These wellingtonia dining table slabs are truely a once in a life time oppotunity and can seat at least 20 people, so if you like to entertain this beaufiful dining table will defentely be a talking point.

The wellingtonia dining table was finished in a high gloss varnish making a spetacular feature to any home.

Wellingtonia dining tableWellingtonia dining table

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