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Some kind words from our customers:

I was refurbishing my flat in London's royal docks and wanted a custom built dining table I had designed myself to evoke the cranes I can see outside my window. I wanted a wood top/metal base and found fletch through an internet search.
From day one he was a pleasure to deal with. He totally understood what I wanted, sourced the wood and had a fabricator make the base. He delivered a table of exceptional quality which now has pride of place in my open plan living room and definitely brings a wow factor. I would say to anyone, don't bother going to the high street or a posh department store. Get your table by Fletch and sharon of unique wild wood furniture, - you won't be disappointed.


Unique wild wood furniture had exactly what I was looking for at an affordable price! I spent weeks looking for a natural beautiful wood coffee table which was affordable too and eventually found it here! I got a quick reply after enquiring online with all the information i needed (photos, options, dimensions and prices). It was delivered in a very short amount of time and delivery was on time and speedy! I absolutely love my new coffee table! Thank you unique wild wood furniture- I would definitely recommend this company!


Fay Shubber

We ordered a large slab table and love the final product. From choosing the wood slab to the finished product, Fletch & Sharon sent regular pictures and updates to make sure we were happy every step of the way. We now have an amazing walnut slab table that just like a piece of art! I would thoroughly recommend them, you'll have a bespoke piece of furniture that you'll never be able to buy on the high street.



Nicholas James

"We were looking for a beautiful table that would last us a lifetime and Unique Wild Wood furniture have certainly delivered us exactly what we were after. Our bespoke, one of a kind, slab wood kitchen table is the heart of our home and we couldn't be happier. Right from the start we have received the highest levels of customer service and expertise and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fletch and his team to anyone looking for that special piece of furniture."

All the best

Laura Darke

We commissioned a long table in two pieces that would function individually as a desk and a kitchen table and together as a long dining table. We are so thrilled with the finish, the strength and the style of our tables. We have had so many comments from guests and feel these tables to be real “pieces” we have been lucky enough to have in our home. Timing and delivery was impeccable. Thank you Sharon and Fletch.

Catherine Farrant

After several months of searching for a natural edge wooden slab dining table, and finding that many on the internet seem to be US-based, we came across Unique Wild Wood with Fletch & Sharon. Even after a few initial discussions, we continued to compare other potential options in stores across the UK & Europe. I'm pleased that we decided to stick with Unique Wild Wood - our bespoke oak dining table was delivered at the weekend & really is fantastic. From the outset, Fletch & Sharon have been a pleasure to work with, especially given the challenge of designing & ordering furniture without actually seeing it first & the many photos, questions & requests as a result. Having searched high & low, Unique Wild Wood really provides a unique offering in the UK & I would strongly recommend Fletch & Sharon's personal & professional approach. Thanks for a stunning table & look forward to getting back in touch for more work in the future.

Ray Vasey

Many years ago we saw a table using a length ways cut from a Teak tree trunk in a shop where we purchased tree root coffee table. A couple of years ago we decided we wanted to purchase a similar table. After two years of searching and trawling the internet we were resigned to the fact that we could only buy from America. That was until, luckily, we came across the website of Fletch and Sharon. After looking through the amazing bespoke tables pictured throughout the site we called Fletch and Sharon at our first opportunity . Fletch was extremely helpful and listened to our extensive list of requirements, we knew exactly what we wanted and gave Fletch and Sharon a really hard task in finding the right slab, for our table, but Fletch and Sharon gave us the hope that our dream table could be brought to life.
The table was in the final stages of completion and we threw in yet another curveball asking for a bench to match. Again they rose to the challenge and delivered a perfectly complementing bench in the matter of days. The day finally arrived for delivery and the excitement was over whelming, our dream table with the most beautiful piece of Oak I have seen, full of cat paw markings and knots and the most stunning edges, with remarkable attention to detail and finished in finest quality craftsmanship had arrived. This was complimented by an Ash bench of equal quality finishing and just emphasised the table even more. My husband left for work after the delivery and I just sat there staring for hours. There is no way this table could be improved and will be with us for life.. Fletch and Sharon are the epitome of customer service, taking in every requirement and delivering above and beyond all expectations . They are Dream makers, and we will be back soon for them to fulfil more dream Thanks Karen and Colin Renshaw.

Colin and Karen Renshaw

I have recently bought a house and was after a natural wooden dining table which would fit with the rest of the house which is quite classical but at the same time would not be boring and 'mass market' looking.
I came across Fletch and Sharon's website and emailed them describing the type of table I was after and the type of wood grain and colour I wanted. When it comes to different wood species, I am a complete layman, so Fletch phoned me and was able to understand the type of wood which suited my requirements from my description.
The piece he suggested was basically an antique slab of wood that works out over 500 years old if you calculate the time it took the tree to mature to that size, and then the time it was left on the old estate as a piece of unused timber. Even this is a fascinating story for a dining table!
Fletch took photos of the slab of wood he located for me in Somerset and advised me how the finished piece would look once it was finished and varnished properly.

As we all know, ordering anything like this online takes a bit of a leap of faith because you never know how it will turn out when all you have to go on is pictures on a website.

All I can say now that the table has arrived is "wow" - both Fletch and Sharon have done a wonderful job in creating a dining table which is both practical and could probably be described as a piece of artwork. They are passionate about their craftsmanship and love what they do, and it shows through completely.
Absolutely everyone who has been in my house - from the tradesmen to my friends and family - have commented on how stunning the table is. The pictures on the website simply do not do their work justice.

About their customer service. I had several delays to them delivering the table because I had to wait for the renovation to be complete, about 6 weeks overdue, and they were very patient and understanding when other businesses might have got frustrated or been demanding about shifting it from their storage, something I feel which speaks very well of them as a business.

All in all, if this is the type of table you are after, do not hesitate to contact and collaborate with Fletch and Sharon. If I had more money, I would ask them to create me a desk for my office. One day!

Jonathan, Liverpool

Jonathan Edwards

"Fletch has the eye and skill of a Nakashima - as well as incredible modesty and humility, knowledge and discernment. I wish I could keep the secret to myself, but Fletch deserves to be recognised for his rare and valuable skills as an artist, and so I must let others into this wonderful secret. From a practical point of view it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Fletch and Sharon. As an interior architect I work with many designers and makers, and I have never had such an open and productive interaction as with Fletch and Sharon. From an aesthetic point of view, Fletch and Sharon completely understood the aesthetic I was aiming for and delivered finished works that more than exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Fletch and Sharon more highly. I see every day the pleasure that is given by the pieces Fletch and Sharon create: when I see clients running their hands over the wood, I know that Fletch has done more than create a piece of furniture, he has enriched the way we interact with the pieces we use every day. I think this is the magic and the legacy of Fletch's works."

Kathryn smith

Ambersand House and gallery

Hi Fletch and Sharon,
The headboard has just been delivered. It is absolutely beautiful, and looks exactly as we had hoped. Thanks so much for everything. We are looking forward to positioning it in our new house, fingers crossed, ready for habitation end May. Also looking forward to working with you again.
Have a great weekend.
All best,


Fetch and Sharon kept us informed on the progress from start to finish, we were looking for a slab with provenance and after a few months they had selected a very special ancient oak slab. Fletch & Sharon sent as many pictures of the slab and it process, it was great to see it from it raw state to the finished table. The final effect is amazing and reflects the combination of a great design and a great passion. The table beat all expectations we had and looks perfect. Fletch and Sharon were a pleasure to work with both in helping us find the right piece of wood and design to making the final table. Highly recommended Amazing job.

Scott & Jenny

"Initially we were a little wary of ordering a custom piece of furniture as although you can envisage what you want in your minds eye you are always going to be dependent upon what nature can provide and what might be available at the time. Fortunately we gained the impression right from the start that Fletch was as keen as we were to make sure we found the right slab of wood. Many photos of wood slabs were texted and emailed over the following weeks. It turned out to be an educational process, and I am glad we allowed ourselves to be guided on a number of points, including choice of wood and finish, otherwise the end result would have been less impressive. We asked for the table by Christmas, and despite various "acts of God" that seemed against us, he delivered it personally on Christmas Eve. The real test came with the legs which took forever to get right - not Fletch's fault I hasten to add - but it did show how diligent and professional he was at looking after our interests in dealing with a third party supplier who tested everyone's patience to the limits. We think the end result is fantastic, all at a price that represents ridiculously good value". Richard and Mary

Many thanks. All the best and good luck with the business

Richard and mary balarkas

From the first moment of contact with Unique Wild Wood Furniture their communication was first class. They went out of their way to send numerous pictures of wood slabs until we had found one that we loved for our dining table. I have to say that the finished piece far surpassed any picture we had in our heads and the price was very competitive to the generic dining tables you see on the high street. We are the envy of our friends! Thanks again Fletch and Sharon

Nicole and Steve Murphy

"Fletch and Sharon were both incredibly helpful from the moment we first contacted them to explain what we were looking for! They very patiently explained about all the various different woods and sizes of trees and with their vast knowledge recommended what they thought would be the most suitable for what we wanted. Once we placed our order we received regular updates along with photos, which made us feel part of the process and added to our excitement of the arrival of our beautiful furniture!
When they did arrive, exactly when Fletch said they would, they exceeded our expectations! They are absolutely stunning and a real focal point in the room, we look forward to many dinners at our dining table explaining to guests that the table came from Scotney Castle and is approximately 300 years old! The breakfast counter compliments it beautifully and is also a stunning feature in the kitchen!
Thank you Fletch & Sharon"

Thanks again
Elaine x

Elaine Wills

"The table beat all expectations I had and looked perfect. Fletch and Sharon were a pleasure to work with both in helping me find the right piece of wood and design to making the final table. Highly recommended


Adam Keats

Fletch has executed to perfection the dining table we have designed.
He kept us informed on the progress with pictures and has selected a very special old slab. The final effect is amazing and reflects the combination of a great design and a great passion. We hope to do more projects together. Amazing job!
The table and the barn will be soon featured in Elle Decor Case di Camapagna Speciale, Italian version.


ArBa Designs Ltd

We are the proud new owners of a bespoke coffee table and 4 matching side tables, all made from pippy oak on toughened glass bases. They look fantastic, perfectly complementing our lounge. All credit to Fletch and Sharon, who having suffered a somewhat traumatic year, still got them to us in time for Christmas. If you are reading this, and interested in a unique piece of furniture, then please do not hesitate to contact these guys - you will not be disappointed! Colin.

Colin and Lesley Charles

We commissioned a coffee table to be made back in July 2011, one that for us would show the natural beauty of the wood off against a modern looking frame and glass top. I needed Fletch to source and provide the right piece of wood to fit the design. He worked tirelessly to do so and did not simply settle for any old piece of wood. What really impressed me though was Fletch's ability to source the metal frame, glass and wood, interpret my design and bring it to life. It arrived just in time for Christmas after delays outside Fletch's control. Other suppliers would have given up but it is to Fletch's credit that he stuck to the task and produced a very fine piece of furniture. I'm looking at it as I type feeling very happy that I have such a wonderful bespoke piece of furniture that I will treasure for many years to come. I could not give a stronger recommendation. Mark

Mark and Rachel Peaker

'It is a pleasure to recommend Unique wild wood for the excellent, bespoke and personal service we received.
I had an extremely tight timeline in which to source a particular type and size of wood, i got friendly and helpful advice.
The wood was magnificent and professionally finished - it was exactly what we wanted.
I look forward to working with Unique wild wood again on future projects.'

Bruce Anderson Photography

Bruce Anderson

I would just like to thank Fletch who has more passion about his job than most, and found the perfect piece of Cedar wood for our home cellar bar. Despite me making unrealistic demands, he came through and delivered the perfect and most luxurious bar top, exactly what I wanted. I cannot fault the professionalism of Fletch and his team! I promise pictures will follow once I have it all in place! May 2012 be every bit as good as you deserve!!

Elizabeth & Jim

The customer service levels from Fletch and Sharon could not have been higher. From the start they were committed to finding out exactly what I wanted and making it happen. I now have a beautiful 'three in one' Burr Elm coffee table - which as well as looking stunning is extremely practical.

Shirley Hanson

I have just recieved the most wonderful slab dining table from unique wild wood furniture, just superb and so pleased with it, Great people to do business with, I highly recommend this company.

Claire Butler

Thanks Fletch and Sharon for being so helpful. I am now the owner of a beautiful unique desktop in maple.

Pam Dillon

"Thank you Fletch and Sharon for our wonderful table - it's a beautiful piece of art as well as a table. You have been wonderful throughout the whole process and delivered exactly what we wanted - it's perfect."

Jacqui Brasted

Contacted Fletch via this website and he was in contact with us very shortly after to help us decide what we wanted as a top for a small bar in our house. After we sent Fletch a picture and dimensions he did the rest. He produced a beautiful piece of cedar which matched our requirements perfectly. Great service and brilliant piece of wood – just perfect.

Mike & Roisin

We moved house recently in Gloucestershire and were looking for a bespoke dining table for our house.
We found Sharon and Fletch who have sourced a fantastic piece of oak for us. We have been in regular contact and finally received our custom made dining table last friday, delivered by Fletch and Sharon themselves. The table is just perfect, you can feel the history of the wood when moving your hand across the surface and edges. It has been treated with care. Beautiful. Thanks for a very professional service. Am already looking for another piece, kitchen table next!

Silvi and Mike Gascoyne


After moving house I needed a large office table as I work from home and have occasional visitors in and need to share a desk.
After spending time looking at second hand office furniture I felt decidedly uninspired.
I found wild wood on the web, I liked the unique look of the tables but on first looking I wondered if they could source a table large enough for my needs. After a couple of phone calls Fletch sourced a super piece of cedar, more than big enough for the job.
I think the price was very reasonable and it’s great to know you have a unique piece that I suspect will be used as a table long after I’m departed (no time soon I hope).
Also it was nice to work with folks who care about their product, it was a pleasant process.
Now just to find some office furniture to compare hmm….

Matthew Causon

I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively to many parts of the globe and one of my many passions has been to find and view, sometimes buy, unique and quality items of any description. The various tables, bar tops and wall hangings that I have seen James and Sharon produce in their workshop are to say the least amazing. To see a piece of timber that in the first instance may be hundreds of years old, that is transformed to show its true splendour is truly a sight to behold. The fact that each of these pieces is lovingly worked on to such a high standard, and for each to then be a one of a kind, is something that most of us can only dream about, but at such realistic pricing these are something that are within the grasp of those with the foresight to know the true value of each of these unique and special pieces.

Steve Fletcher

Fletch and Sharon sourced a cedar piece to top a fitted cabinet we had commissioned at home. They took a very personal approach, making a huge effort to understand what we were looking for and how it would be used, which resulted in finding the perfect piece of wood that truly is unique – and exactly what we had in mind. Fletch’s pains to explain the various options to the novices were also much appreciated and gave us complete confidence in his work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, it was a pleasure to deal with such helpful, honest people, who provided such a beautiful product.

Nicola Hinton-Jones


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