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Dog fleas, cedar shavings

by sharon on April 1, 2011

dog fleas cedar shavingsdog fleas cedar shavingsOur family dog Izzy,has given us so much fun and laughter since we have had her,

but 6 months ago the fun stopped, she picked up fleas on one of her many walks.

The local farmer moved sheep into an area where we walk her daily and we believe this is where she picked up these unwanted pests.

They set up home and feasted on our poor dog and made her life miserable.

We tried every product on the market, from tablets to liquid you apply to the dogs neck to spraying her and bathing her, it cost a fortune.

In a desperate bid we took her to the vets, upon leaving,

we had house hold furniture and bedding spray, tablets and a bomb to set off in the house to kill the invaders, well these potions and lotions failed.

In a last ditch attempt we looked to the trees, well one tree in particular the Cedar of Lebanon,

an evergreen that graces our parks and is a much favoured species with us because of its beautiful grain patterns and huge dinner plate size knots.

dog fleas cedar shavings

Well I hear you ask, how did this tree help, well we don’t have one, there is not one near us,

but we do have loads of cedar wood shavings, we simply put the shavings into Izzy’s bedding,

inside the lining and the little blighters haven’t been seen since,

an old remedy that we used as a last resort out of total desperation.

We now replace the cedar every couple of months, wash the bed and replace.

This just goes to show we don’t need chemicals and spays that harm our health,

just look to the trees for help next time these invaders come to visit.

A flea remedy that fills your house with the fragrant smell of cedar,

simply drop us an e mail,, to order your natural way to get rid of these little pests.

1 package of shavings approx 3 months supply, posted in a A4 jiffy bag, posted anywhere in mainland UK, £8.00, payment by paypal prior to despatch.

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