Office computer desk, solid wood office furniture

by sharon on August 1, 2010

Office computer desk, solid wood office furniture, we have been commissioned by a client to make a solid wood natural edge office desk.

After several conversations and e mails it was decided that we construct the office computer desk out of cedar of lebonon, the single solid slab we chose for our client is 1.2m wide and 2.7m long and 100mm thick.

The finished length will be slightly reduced to 2.1m to suit our clients needs.

The office computer slab will sit on two pedistals and finished in high impact varnish and bees wax to give a beautiful honey gold finish.

We are able to obtain huge slabs of timber in many different species

office computer desk, solid wood natural edgeoffice computer desk, solid wood office furniture

After many hours of work, much of it very labour intensive, we were exceptionally pleased to deliver our office computer cedar desk to our customer in Buckinghamshire, it now sits as a centre piece in his office and we are sure it will give him many years of pleasure, as this slab is finished in such a high impact varnish it will need very little maintenance over the years and the patterner of the timber will increase over time.

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Office Furniture August 2, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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