Walnut coffee tableWalnut coffee table

Walnut coffee table

by sharon on October 27, 2010

A simply beautiful walnut coffee table  made from a single slab was selected for a customer in London.

The walnut coffee table  piece selected was 800mm at its widest and was some 3 metres in length.

As English Walnut is so sought after by furniture makers this walnut coffee table was a lucky find,

the grain and figuring in this slab is breathtaking, all the annular rings seem to radiate out from a large central knot.

Am extreamly hard wood to machine, a coffee table top that is like granite,

simply finished to the customers requirements in two part varnish and bees wax.

The customer also designed their own metal strands which we fabricated to their requirements.

A totally different walnut coffee table that we were more than happy to be a part of,

it once again gives you an idea of the diversity of timber at our disposal.

Walnut is one of natures true wonders every piece totally different.

Introduce one of our tables into your home and we guarantee it will be the only one of its type, yours and yours alone, totally unique.

walnut coffee table on iron standswalnut coffee table made from single slab of walnut

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