Natural wood

by sharon on April 27, 2010

Natural wood

We have no older or deeper debt, it is a debt,

that we can repay and if we stop our all consuming greed of natural wood, we will be able to replant once natural ancient forests,

and in time many generations on they will once again be truly magical places.

It is so easy to replace this natural resources and we seem so slow to do so,

we cannot replace coal stocks,oil stocks or many precious stones resources which nearly all come from trees,

but we can replace the starter block, trees.

natural wood

Natural wood is used in all our day to day life,

there is not enough words to explain how important natural wood is.

Its uses are endless, but maybe take a few minutes to think of this fantastic natural resource that we take for granted,

and can be replaced for future generations if action is taken as soon as possible.


Please be aware all our timber has been air and kiln dried to as low as 10% moisture content.

We can not be held responsible for our tables being exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight, both of these extremes will effect the natural wood structure of the timber resulting in splitting and warping for which we cannot be held responsible.

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