English Burr Oak

by sharon on July 14, 2009

English burr oak

A beautiful disc of English Burr Oak, estimated to be approximately 250 years old,

it was sliced off the main trunk before the main section of tree was cut into boards for the construction industry.

The burrs and cat paws markings are truly stunning,

brought into the work shop some weeks ago,

after purchasing on one of our trips to a supplier in East Sussex.

Brought as a sawn piece of timber the transformation once machined was incredible.

English burr oak

We felt that this would benefit from our resin build up system,

the resin has been built up over 5 coats and polished, it will sit on a 3 legged wine table stand designed to our own specification.

A truly unique piece never to be repeated.

English burr oakwaney edge coffee table

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