Natural edge furniture

by sharon on September 7, 2010

Natural edge furniture 

Our customer requested  a Natural edge slab to make a Natural edge dining room table which was  highly figured,

it will stand on their own designed bespoke metal stand and working with them we are having it fabricated to their exact requirements.

As you can see from the picture,

we are lucky enough to be able to obtain some of the largest single slabs of Natural edge English oak / burr,

Pippy oak in the country to make natural edge furniture, for those people who have looked in awe at timbers from Australia,

American and countries further afield we are able to duplicate their sizes in English timber.

This particular slab of Natural edge  English oak,

came from a tree felled in East Sussex some 5 years ago,

the size is 3ft 6 inch wide by 16ft in length and nearly 4 inches thick.

natural edge furniture

If you have an idea on natural edge furniture to fit into your surroundings,

then get in contact and we will work with you to achieve your project.

Natural edge furniture

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