solid wood oak coffee table

by sharon on January 8, 2010

Solid wood oak coffee table

We had a piece of solid wood Pippy oak in our workshop,

which was under construction, a customer saw the piece of handcrafted furniture and requested it for his front room,

however, this meant we had to work over Christmas to get this designer coffee table ready,

after sanding down and preparing the piece, the timber had to be brought home to resin as the workshop was far to cold for the resin to go off.

Solid wood oak coffee table

so come Christmas morning with all the heating on full we embarked to apply several coats of resin,

as the resin takes 8 hours between each coat to dry enough to apply another coat it was around the clock task,

and with the fumes almost killing us we finally finished it the day after boxing day.

We then delivered to a solid wood oak coffee table to very happy customer,

we are so passionate about our business and the satisfaction of our customers,

that we did not even let Christmas get in the way of delivering a unique coffee table design and an unusual piece of furniture.

solid wood oak coffee table

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