Natural wood – whats not to like

by sharon on February 13, 2011

Natural wood – whats not to like? Each piece is totally individual, each piece totally unique and if it could tell a story it would be one of extreme hardship as trees stand their testament of time in all weathers and we must not take their splendor for granted,

like most things on the planet man is using this natural wood resource at an alarming rate and I think we all need to step back and think of the enormous diversity of this fantastic natural wood resource.

Once introduced into the home, whether in natural wood flooring or natural wood furniture it somehow seems to naturally lift your spirits with its simplicity and its natural beauty.

When buying timber please make sure that it is a legal source,

from fully managed and sustainable sources,

our forest and woodlands can only sustain themselves from mans constant onslaught for materials if properly and correctly taken care of.

Natural wood – whats not to like

All our pieces are from managed sources so that you can buy with the knowledge that for every tree felled two have been replanted in its place.

This is something we feel extremely passionate about,

as they calculate an area the size of wales is lost daily throughout the world.

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