Lava river dining tables, If you are after something totally stunning with a mixture of modern and old.

what could be better than a resin and natural wood table?

With modern resins and every colour combination you could think of, you can let your imagination run riot.

In the past many of these stunning slabs of timber would have been discarded or cut up to make smaller item, however with modern resin, we are able to bring these slabs of timber back to life.

Lava river dining tables

Natural holes and cracks in the timber can be filled with resin to make the whole slab a beautiful table / work of art.

We can pour resin to match a colour scheme in your house, or you may like it to be a statement piece as you see in the picture.

Lava river dining tables

This is English elm slab, with two pools of blood red resin, as you can see a truly stunning table that would grace your home or any office environment.

Lava river dining tables

If you are after something totally different choose a tree slice slab that has stood the test of time.

A slab of timber with imperfections, warts and all and with us transform it in to something truly stunning.

Lava resin river dining tables

Be it a metallic resin or something a little less modern maybe clear of a colour to match a room. Working with us, you can have something magical.

Maybe you would prefer a table with a more natural look which still incorporates a resin.

A clear resin is a good option with a minimal look, still showing off the beauty of the natural timber.

Resin dining tables uk

This piece was designed for a customer whom wanted an art feature as well as a useful dining table.

The table is hung on the wall when not in use and then simply put together to make a table

Contact us for further options, or take a look at our photo gallery to get other ideas.

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