Living edge dining tables are considered more environmentally friendly because more of the wood is used.

I always thought that we were never lucky enough in the UK to come across large slabs of timber that could rival timbers available in the states, however over the years I have been lucky enough to come across some stunning large pieces .

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Is Living Edge Expensive?

The main factor that determines price on a live edge table is how the top is made and the type of timber used. A solid slab top (one piece of wood) has to come from a single, very large tree. The top is cross-sawn from a single whole trunk.

Obviously, rarity is a factor here. A standard dining table is 36-40″ wide. If you picture the tree that’s 40″ wide, and tall and straight enough from which to cut a large, flat top, and you can start to see why solid slab tops are difficult to come by, much less produce en masse, Obviously, there’s a huge range depending on table size, choice of stand or legs, but a standard solid slab live edge dining table is usually between £1750.00 and £2250.00.

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Live edge solid slabs require significant amounts of work done by hand, they have to be hand planned to make them flat as they are to large to fit through a machine planner.

They are then belt sanded and finally graded using an orbital sander until you have a smooth surface, a resin can be used which can vary in colour, filling a small knot to a large hole making irregularities a feature, all these processes are time consuming.

living edge dining tables







Living edge dining tables.

If you have considered something extraordinary, whether it be a table the full size of the slab or just part, then this would be for you, For enquires contact us to discuss your options.


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