Natural live edge slab dining tables have possibly been around for thousands of years in very simple forms. As timber many years ago was all cut by hand the natural slab table would have been a very important item in the home.I find it amazing to think that something with such an old history has now become such a very popular item of furniture.

natural live edge slab dining tables









These live edge slabs are generally cut length ways along the tree trunk once the tree has been felled. They are sliced in various thicknesses some up to 100mm then stored for several years before being kiln dried ready for use.

As the name implies we try to keep the natural shape of the slabs so once finished and polished still give the appearance of a very natural organic piece of furniture, the possibilities of these table is endless.


Natural live edge slab dining tables


It would be virtually impossible to make every engineered wooden table different, with our natural live edge slab dining tables every single one is unique, and every one tells its own unique story.


natural live edge slab dining tables






Due to the huge variety of timber in the uk these tables can be made from timbers many hundreds of years old from very straight and regular trees ie, beech, sweet chestnut, elm and oak, to really wild old English yew trees.

All with there own fantastic mystical history to old knarly oak, that have seen history unfold under there protective canapés, and many of our other amazing hard woods.

If you are looking for a real talking point and a unique addition to your home then a natural live edge slab dining table is for you, something to be admired and treasured for years to come, then look no further than Unique Wild Wood Furniture for one of nature’s natural treasures.

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