Comprising of slices of tree cut along its length, Resin river dining tables consists of the tree slices book matched on opposite sides, as a result they have a mirror image.

The middle of the table is left as a gap which is filled with resin, this is called the river.

resin river dining tables

Resin river dining tables 

have the waney edge on the inner edge of the boards, also know as the natural edge, the straight edges are the outer edges making it possible to be used as a worktop or bar top.

Resin river dining tables

Variation of colours of the resin feature are adaptable to a colour to suit any interior,

Be it a metallic resin or something a little less modern maybe clear or a colour to match a room. Working with us, you can have something magical.

Maybe you would prefer a table with a more natural look which still incorporates a resin.

A clear resin is a good option with a minimal look, still showing off the beauty of the natural timber.

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