Solid wood coffee tables

Solid wood coffee tables,one of the most important trees that grace our countryside, it is called the king of trees and has a special place in English History, used for house building through out the centuries.

It is still used today in timber framed construction, a remarkably durable timber that stands the test of time especially well, a very durable timber to make solid wood coffee tables.

Oak was used to build the first ocean going vessels that set sail from our shores on voyages of discovery.

Solid wood coffee tables

The importance of the Oak tree cannot simply be put into words, without its presents in the English countryside we would have never been one of the most powerful country’s in the world, the English oak certainly put great into Great Briton.

English Oak,

Calculating the size of this piece of oak its approximately 230 years old, so fell as an acorn around the time Briton defeated the French at Waterloo and George 111 was king.

The world has changed beyond all recognition in this time and this piece now makes a fantastic focal point to any room / conservatory.

Finished in several coats of high strength acrylic varnish and handcrafted and handfinished with beeswax.

These solid wood coffee tables stands on four hand forged legs made by a local blacksmith to our own design,

the size of the table is 4 inches thick by 4 foot across.

This stunning bespoke coffee table is made of English Burr oak, also known as pippy oak, resin coated to look like a glass finish standing on three iron forged legs.

The oak table shown have been sold, please contact us if you are interested as similar pieces  of solid wood coffee tables can be made to your requirements.

We can source a variety of timber from oak , cedar, walnut, Pippy oak, and numerous others.
solid wood coffee tables

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