Tree trunk dining tables, are we missing a trick? we slice, we cut, chop up, and shape timber in to some truly amazing items of furniture, but so few tree trunk dining tables are produced.

With careful drying over long periods of time, allowing the moisture content to drop to around 10% these tree trunks become a very usable, very beautiful section of timber to use for one of these tree trunk dining tables, very unique tables / conference/ meeting tables.

tree trunk dining tables








Tree trunk dining tables

So few people ever look at the underside of a dining table. Using a tree trunk our natural inquisitiveness kicks in, we finish the underside of these sections the same way as the tops.

However rather than sanding flat we follow the contours of the tree trunk. Leaving a natural textured surface, but at the same time sanded and polished to a very high standard.


tree log dining tables









By working with us you can design your own stand for these amazing table tops, and I’m really keen for some one to ask for a tree trunk on a Perspex stand. With the correct lighting the timber will look as if it’s floating.

we have used these sections of timber for structural purposes for centuries but sliced length ways these sections can become an amazing table top to grace any home and amaze your friends.


tree trunk dining tables









With the destruction of the worlds forests we should use English timbers from fully sustainable sources and truly enjoy its beauty, for a unique amazing unique tree trunk dining table contact us to discuss your options and ideas.

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