Walnut slab coffee table on a curved stand, a truly stunning slab of English walnut , this particular slab is 3 inches thick and nearly 6ft long.

We finished the walnut slab coffee table with multiple coats of oil which works so well on this English hardwood.

The design of the stand was sent in from a customer in sketch form, we duplicated it to his specification and the picture is the finished article.

We can source a variety of slab timbers from across the country, such as horse chestnut, elm, oak, sycamore, they are all different in colour and appearance, if your have a project that requires a certain colour or texture, we will be able to source an appropriate piece, which are finished to a high standard.

This walnut slab coffee table works well in our modern homes.

If you have an idea for a unique coffee table contact us.

walnut slab coffee table

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