Unique Wild Wood Furniture
April 24, 2018

Many years ago we saw a table using a length ways cut from a Teak tree trunk in a shop where we purchased tree root coffee table. A couple of years ago we decided we wanted to purchase a similar table. After two years of searching and trawling the internet we were resigned to the fact that we could only buy from America. That was until, luckily, we came across the website of Fletch and Sharon. After looking through the amazing bespoke tables pictured throughout the site we called Fletch and Sharon at our first opportunity . Fletch was extremely helpful and listened to our extensive list of requirements, we knew exactly what we wanted and gave Fletch and Sharon a really hard task in finding the right slab, for our table, but Fletch and Sharon gave us the hope that our dream table could be brought to life.
The table was in the final stages of completion and we threw in yet another curveball asking for a bench to match. Again they rose to the challenge and delivered a perfectly complementing bench in the matter of days. The day finally arrived for delivery and the excitement was over whelming, our dream table with the most beautiful piece of Oak I have seen, full of cat paw markings and knots and the most stunning edges, with remarkable attention to detail and finished in finest quality craftsmanship had arrived. This was complimented by an Ash bench of equal quality finishing and just emphasised the table even more. My husband left for work after the delivery and I just sat there staring for hours. There is no way this table could be improved and will be with us for life.. Fletch and Sharon are the epitome of customer service, taking in every requirement and delivering above and beyond all expectations . They are Dream makers, and we will be back soon for them to fulfil more dream Thanks Karen and Colin Renshaw.

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