Unique Wild Wood Furniture
April 24, 2018

“Fletch has the eye and skill of a Nakashima – as well as incredible modesty and humility, knowledge and discernment. I wish I could keep the secret to myself, but Fletch deserves to be recognised for his rare and valuable skills as an artist, and so I must let others into this wonderful secret. From a practical point of view it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Fletch and Sharon. As an interior architect I work with many designers and makers, and I have never had such an open and productive interaction as with Fletch and Sharon. From an aesthetic point of view, Fletch and Sharon completely understood the aesthetic I was aiming for and delivered finished works that more than exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Fletch and Sharon more highly. I see every day the pleasure that is given by the pieces Fletch and Sharon create: when I see clients running their hands over the wood, I know that Fletch has done more than create a piece of furniture, he has enriched the way we interact with the pieces we use every day. I think this is the magic and the legacy of Fletch’s works.”

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