Unique Wild Wood Furniture
April 24, 2018

We commissioned a coffee table to be made back in July 2011, one that for us would show the natural beauty of the wood off against a modern looking frame and glass top. I needed Fletch to source and provide the right piece of wood to fit the design. He worked tirelessly to do so and did not simply settle for any old piece of wood. What really impressed me though was Fletch’s ability to source the metal frame, glass and wood, interpret my design and bring it to life. It arrived just in time for Christmas after delays outside Fletch’s control. Other suppliers would have given up but it is to Fletch’s credit that he stuck to the task and produced a very fine piece of furniture. I’m looking at it as I type feeling very happy that I have such a wonderful bespoke piece of furniture that I will treasure for many years to come. I could not give a stronger recommendation. Mark

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