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Live edge dining tables have gained popularity in recent years for their rustic and organic aesthetic. Additionally, these unique pieces of furniture feature the natural, raw edge of the wood along one or more sides of the tabletop. Here’s how we typically make them:

1. Selection of the Wood: Live edge tables are crafted from solid slabs of wood. In addition, they are sourced from hardwood trees like walnut, oak, maple, or cherry. Moreover, craftsmen carefully select pieces with interesting grain patterns and distinctive natural edges during the selection process.

2. Cutting the Slab: Firstly, once you choose a suitable slab of wood, cut it to the desired size and shape for the tabletop. Additionally, leave the natural edge of the wood intact on one or more sides to provide a unique and organic look to the finished table.

3. Drying and Stabilizing: Moreover, the freshly cut slab needs to undergo a drying process to reduce its moisture content. This process helps prevent warping and cracking over time. Additionally, some craftsmen may stabilize the wood using techniques such as kiln-drying or air-drying to further enhance its stability.

4. Sanding and Finishing: After the wood has dried, it undergoes a meticulous process to achieve a smooth surface while still retaining the natural texture and character of the grain. Additionally, once we sand it, we finish the tabletop with a protective sealant such as oil, wax, lacquer, or polyurethane to enhance its durability and beauty.

5. Base Construction: The tabletop is paired with a base or legs, which can vary in design and material. In addition, common options include metal, wood, or a combination of both. The base securely attaches to the tabletop to create a stable and functional dining table.

6. Final Touches: Additionally, customers may incorporate any additional detailing or customization, such as adding inlays, resin fills, or decorative elements, depending on their desired style and preferences.

Overall, live edge dining tables are cherished for their natural beauty, unique characteristics, and ability to bring a touch of the outdoors into interior spaces. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing the inherent beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship of its maker.

The timber we source for our live edge dining tables comes from properly managed sawmills around the country that are sustainable and traceable, such as oak or cedar.

Additionally, they either come from managed woodlands, trees that have come to the end of their life span, or have been felled due to land clearance.

When selecting your dining table, you can choose from live edge, resin river, waney edge, or hardwood, to name a few.



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We just had an amazing experience getting our dream custom made dining table made by Fletch @ unique wild wood furniture. Fletch and Sharon were great at helping us choose which wood to choose, which resin color/type to pick for the best results possible. How nice it was to talk to tradesmen that love their work, and take pleasure in sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience. The end result not only met but topped our expectations. We will recommend warmly unique wild wood to anyone looking to fall in love with a custom made piece of furniture.

Eric Ohayon May 29, 2023

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