Raw edge dining tables have become very popular over the last few years, as we are interested in sustainability these living edge tables made from natural edge slabs are all the rage.

We personally select all our boards from fully sustainable sources, we also select and buy full tree trunks to be cut into live edge slabs by our sister company @romneymarshtimbercompany.

Due to the huge variety of English timbers we are certain we can meet your Raw edge dining requirements.

We feel a large slab of English timber created into a live edge table will become a focal point of any home.

Raw edge dining tables

Due to the huge amount of English timber available we can guarantee we never use tropical or illegally sourced timber and even table comes with its own story.

We work with certified saw mills and registered tree surgeons, we know where every tree or slice of timber comes from, this information is relaid directly to you the customer, so makes an interesting talking point to be passed onto friends and family.

We also offer a staining service/colour wash, so your raw edge dining table can be stained to match existing furniture or just a unique stand alone piece.

The picture below is such a table, the table top was a light slab of cedar stained a shade of walnut to match existing furniture. the live edge slab then sits on a bespoke curved steel central stand, these are all made in house with every one being a bespoke item, every one is made specifically for each unique living edge dining table.

Raw edge dining tables

Are raw edge dining tables expensive?

The main factor that determines price on a raw edge dining table is how the top is made and type of timber used.

A solid slab top (one piece of wood) has to come from a single, very large tree, the top is cross sawn from a single whole trunk.

Obviously, rarity is a factor here, a standard dining table is 36-40″ wide, and tall and straight enough from which to cut a large, flat top and you can see why solid slab tops are difficult to come by, much less produced en mass.

There is a huge range depending on table size, choices of stands or legs, but a standard solid raw edge dining table is usually between £2200.00 – £5500.00.

Please feel free to contact us or give us a call as we would love to supply you with your forever raw edge dining tables.

Raw edge dining tables

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