Formula one resin river dining tables

resin river dining tables formula one

We were approached by a leading Formula 1 team to produce an eye opening centre piece for their new hospitality coach.

I’m glad to say that with a huge amount of input from the project organiser I think we have produced something totally unique.

The English yew slabs were milled by a very experienced sawyer on the Ashdown Forest in West Sussex and the tree came from a small village near by.

English yew is exceptionally difficult to age, but a guess is around 500 years. The tree however could not stand the might of the great storm that hit the south of the country in 1987.

The slabs were a rare find as had been cut and stored in a barn for many years. It is always a privilege to work with timber that have such provenance, and with many hours of work, 200 litres of resin, some bog oak bow ties, the finished article speaks for itself.

We could never copy these amazing tables but are more than happy to work with you to produce something equally as unique.


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May 13, 2018

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