Unique Wild Wood Furniture
December 20, 2020

We have just taken delivery of the most amazing elm dining table it is utterly beautiful, but despite being so blown away by an inanimate object the best thing about the whole process was working with and meeting Fletch and Sharon .After searching on line trying to figure out what I wanted I spoke to Fletch who was just so enthusiastic and passionate about some of the samples he had and suggested we visit his workshop. Although we had an idea of what we wanted ( we thought we wanted walnut) Fletch and Sharon talked us through the different types of wood and told us stories of some of the 200 yr old trees that he had in storage.
Fletch spoke so confidently about what he could do for us we left him with our thoughts and hoped for the best .Fletch kept us up to date on progress and sent some photos of the slab and today it has been delivered . It is Beautiful beyond my expectations, I can’t thank Fletch and Sharon enough .
Not only has it been one of the best shopping experiences of my life we have ended up with a table that has a story to it

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