Unique Wild Wood Furniture
April 24, 2018

I have recently bought a house and was after a natural wooden dining table which would fit with the rest of the house which is quite classical but at the same time would not be boring and ‘mass market’ looking.
I came across Fletch and Sharon’s website and emailed them describing the type of table I was after and the type of wood grain and colour I wanted. When it comes to different wood species, I am a complete layman, so Fletch phoned me and was able to understand the type of wood which suited my requirements from my description.
The piece he suggested was basically an antique slab of wood that works out over 500 years old if you calculate the time it took the tree to mature to that size, and then the time it was left on the old estate as a piece of unused timber. Even this is a fascinating story for a dining table!
Fletch took photos of the slab of wood he located for me in Somerset and advised me how the finished piece would look once it was finished and varnished properly.

As we all know, ordering anything like this online takes a bit of a leap of faith because you never know how it will turn out when all you have to go on is pictures on a website.

All I can say now that the table has arrived is “wow” – both Fletch and Sharon have done a wonderful job in creating a dining table which is both practical and could probably be described as a piece of artwork. They are passionate about their craftsmanship and love what they do, and it shows through completely.
Absolutely everyone who has been in my house – from the tradesmen to my friends and family – have commented on how stunning the table is. The pictures on the website simply do not do their work justice.

About their customer service. I had several delays to them delivering the table because I had to wait for the renovation to be complete, about 6 weeks overdue, and they were very patient and understanding when other businesses might have got frustrated or been demanding about shifting it from their storage, something I feel which speaks very well of them as a business.

All in all, if this is the type of table you are after, do not hesitate to contact and collaborate with Fletch and Sharon. If I had more money, I would ask them to create me a desk for my office. One day!

Jonathan, Liverpool


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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