Unique Wild Wood Furniture
April 24, 2018

“Initially we were a little wary of ordering a custom piece of furniture as although you can envisage what you want in your minds eye you are always going to be dependent upon what nature can provide and what might be available at the time. Fortunately we gained the impression right from the start that Fletch was as keen as we were to make sure we found the right slab of wood. Many photos of wood slabs were texted and emailed over the following weeks. It turned out to be an educational process, and I am glad we allowed ourselves to be guided on a number of points, including choice of wood and finish, otherwise the end result would have been less impressive. We asked for the table by Christmas, and despite various “acts of God” that seemed against us, he delivered it personally on Christmas Eve. The real test came with the legs which took forever to get right – not Fletch’s fault I hasten to add – but it did show how diligent and professional he was at looking after our interests in dealing with a third party supplier who tested everyone’s patience to the limits. We think the end result is fantastic, all at a price that represents ridiculously good value”. Richard and Mary

Many thanks. All the best and good luck with the business


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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