Large oak slab dining table

by sharon on August 20, 2010

Large oak slab dining table, I always thought that we were never lucky enough in the UK to come across large slabs of timber that could rival timbers available in the states,

however over the years I have been lucky enough to come across some stunning large pieces of timber

, none as spectacular as the logĀ I stumbled upon on my latest visit to my supplier in East Sussex.

Large oak slab dining table.

The log was felled some 5 years ago and the sections available are up to 5ft wide, 4 inches thick and 20 foot in length,

the figuring on this English Oak timber is truly spectacular, i have never seen a figuring to this extent on such a huge log.

The patterns, burrs and cats paw markings on this timber rival anything available any where else in the world,

the tree was properly nearly 500 years old, i believe this truly a once in a life time opportunity to own this timber,

so if you have considered something extraordinary, whether it be a table the full size of the slab or just part,

then this would be for you, i will properly never come across timber of this quality again.

Large oak slab dining table

large oak slab dining table large oak slab dining table large oak slab dining table large oak slab dining table

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nic buttery November 20, 2010 at 11:31 pm

would have looked forward to cutting that myself and selling it,all except the best slice,which looks like you have a mind on saving too.

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