waney edge dining tables

Dining tables, bar tops, beds and furniture are made from waney edge timber slabs. waney edge dining tables are obtained by the tree being cut length ways along the trunk.

Live edge solid slabs require significant amounts of work done by hand, they have to be hand planned to make them flat as they are to large to fit through a machine planner.

They are then belt sanded and finally graded using an orbital sander until you have a smooth surface, a resin can be used which can vary in colour, filling a small knot to a large hole making irregularities a feature, all these processes are time consuming.



waney edge dining tables









To achieve this each slab has the natural edge of the tree running up each edge of the cut slab.

Every slab follows the exact contour of the tree on the outside edge, these slabs of timber are called waney edge.

waney edge dining tables

We use waney edge slabs and we can confidently say that all our dining tables are unique, with no two ever the same. These edge timber slabs are like bringing the outside directly into your home.

Sourcing different species of timber from all over the country which is air and kiln dried ready to use. We hand pick every piece of timber to compliment the project that we are working on to make sure our customers have the best piece of furniture possible.

waney edge dining tables

We pride ourselves in keeping the natural look, whilst finishing the slab to a very high standard as you would any piece of furniture.

We guarantee your waney edge dining tables will be a focal point in your home and a much talked about item at every meal time.

Our tables are sold with indepth care instructions, if these are followed the maintanance is almost non existant, so they are very durable tables that brings you are a beautiful piece of nature into your home.

To explore further options contact us and we will help make your dream a reality.

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