Butchers block table has been made as a special request for a client in London, that can be made to any dimensions, you can also put your own stamp on the table by having a drawer or more shelves.

This butchers block table is a very versatile piece of furniture for even the most of modern kitchens, although very few of us will use the butchers block to joint large sections of meat, it can be used as a food area and simply cleaned with bacterial spray.

This particular butchers block table was made from reclaimed beams from Folkestone railway station, the beams were laid as a walk way for the soldiers to board ships in world war 1.

Your butchers block table will not only be a versatile addition to your kitchen but a real conversation piece. we have enough timber to make only a handful and once gone will be one forever,

if interested give me a call or contact us for further information.

Butchers block table


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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