Natural edge dining tables, are made from waney edge timber, to obtain the natural edge, the tree is cut length ways along the trunk retaining the edge, the natural edge timber is then planed to make the bottom and top surfaces level.

natural edge dining tables









The table top is belt sanded, any cracks or imperfections are filled with the dust from the table top and mixed with a filler gel to make a paste, this is allowed to dry, normally overnight.

The top is then sanded using an orbital sander working through the grades to get a very fine and smooth finish, two coats of a shellac sealer are applied sanding between coats.

Natural edge dining tables

To finish our natural edge dining tables, we use a two part satin water based lacquer, applying at least four coats.


natural edge dining tables

All natural edge tables have the natural edge of the tree running up each edge of the cut slab. Each slab follows the exact contour of the tree on the outside edge, these slabs of timber are called waney edge.


As we use waney edge timber to make natural edge dining tables, we can confidently say that all our tables are unique with no two ever the same.

natural edge dining tables

To bring one of our natural dining tables into your house, is something that will bring a warm feeling to you, these waney edge tables are like bringing the outside directly into your home.

For your own natural edge dining table, contact us.

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