A natural oak refectory table is simply a elongated table, originally for dining in monastery’s in medieval times, becoming banqueting and feasting tables in castles and other noble residences.

The design for the natural oak refectory table is very simple and due to its stability and durability has not changed for hundreds of years, the original tables had stretchers between simple trestle legs.

This particular refectory table is made from two 4 metre English oak slabs, book matched and jointed to produce a magnificent table able to seat 20 plus people and is 4 foot wide.

We have kept the simple jointed trestle legs, we were able to remove the stretchers between them by the means of some metal fabrications.

After making many beautiful tables i feel that this was one of our best projects,the simplicity of this natural oak refectory table made it a joy to construct.

It is a privileged to use such a precious resource, it fills us with a sense of pride knowing that this oak refectory table will be around for many hundreds of years, giving the oak a new lease of life.

This natural oak refectory table resides in the refectory of a bank in Ghent, Belgium.

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natural oak refectory table

Natural oak refectory table


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