This delightful slab of English Yew would make a beautiful natural wood desk.

This natural desk,  is one of 6 slabs we obtained from a private estate near Guildford and the owner of the estate claimed the tree was 4-5 hundred years old.

 natural wood desks

The natural wood board was cut from the outer edge of the trunk so follows the wonderful contours of the tree, its natural contours will make you feel at ease as you sit at your natural wood desk.

Natural wood desk

The shape is so versatile with the narrow point in the board being an ideal position for you to sit.

We feel that having such a piece will inspire you and give you a sense of well being, so if you don’t want run of the mill then have a natural wood desk with a difference.

natural wood desk

The variety of colours in yew will amaze you, its warm golds/ yellows seem to warm the room, it is sure to be a thing you will treasure for many years

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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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