Natural wood dining table

We are lucky enough to be able to work with some beautiful natural English woods.

We are able to produce stunning natural wood dining tables  using the most spectacular English oak that we probably not see for some time in the future.

Natural wood dining table

The finished natural wood dining table pictured is 7ft in length and over 3ft in width, crafted from a single slab of English Pippy oak.

This natural wood dining table will grace its new home for many years, and maybe in its new life as a versatile natural wood dining table, it will be around for many hundred of years as was tree it came from.

Natural wood dining tables

The next picture is an on going project,by Mr Greg knight-Benjafield of Chalice constructions, contacted us to see if we could supply a huge slab of timber for a truely remarkable table.

We were able to source a 4.4mtr x 1.25 x 75mm single slab of English pippy oak, exceptionally rare and stunningly beautiful.

We surfaced the slab ready for finishing into a natural wood dining table, it will sit on 6 acrylic barley twist legs and will be a truely remarkable table.

Natural wood dining table






We hope to update this blog with a finished picture as soon as our client makes a speedy recovery from illness, we would like to wish greg a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing the finished natural slab dining table, that will be brought back to life hopefully for another 350 years which was the age of the majestic oak used in the construction of this huge natural wood dining table.

natural wood dining tables

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