Sweet chestnut tables, a very versatile timber that is ligher in appearance than English oak and has some lovely dark bands running through it with wide swirling grain.

The sweet chestnut we have available is 900 wide x 5 metres long and has been milled at 75mm thick, it would work exeptionally well as a breakfast island or worktops.

Sweet chestnut tables

We have already made a 4.5 metre office desk, a 3 metre dining table and are in the process of making 3 more pieces.

We can obtain several more slabs to make sweet chestnut tables, however once gone it will be very hard to find such impressive slabs of timber.

If interested drop me an email and reserve a slab for a real one of a kind table.

We have a fantastic fabricator on board so let your imagination run wild and design your own bespoke stand.

sweet chestnut dining tables

Sweet chestnut dining tables


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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