Tree slice headboards, tree slice worktops, tree wood office desks, tree slice timber is without a doubt natures most versatile of all its gift, and we should think of it a gift ,something to be admired and treasured and not taken for granted.

tree slice headboards

These amazing sections of timber are introduced to your home be it in the form of a tree slice headboard tree slice worktop  tree wood office desks,

Every piece is being given a second life, much of the timber used is many hundreds of years old, and as all our timber comes from fully substainable sources we can tell you exactly we’re the tree stood.

So not only a versatile item of furniture but a fantastic conversation piece, be it talked about over a business meeting at your tree wood office desks, or a dinner party at your natural edge dining table.

tree slice worktops








We also supply and fit English hardwoods as tree slice worktops, so you can enjoy the versatility of tree edge worktops in your kitchen.

We also supply lovely tree slice headboards which seems to add a very calming addition to the bedroom.

Tree slice headboards, tree slice worktops, tree wood office desks

You can fill your home with some amazing sections of English tree slice timber, with the knowledge that each piece is unique, never replicated and one of natures real life treasures.

tree wood office desk


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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