Tree stump tables

Tree stump tables have become very popular due to the Internet and a popular Saturday morning cooking show.

The market appears to have been flooded with teak root , these have no real provenance and many have been sourced illegally from cleared land being used for palm oil trees, to avoid this simply buy British.


Tree Stump Tables


We have the most amazing timber in the world available right here, an amazing by product from this amazing timber is the fantastic root stock, with its twisted roots and mystical shapes, these can and do make the most amazing tree stump tables.


Tree Stump Tables


Once we source a suitable root section for the tree stump table we sand blast the stump, thus removing all decay and debris, this leaves the stump section looking very much like drift wood,

this can then simply be lacquered to leave this very natural look, or we can finish with multiple coats of lacquer and polish to bring out the natural colour.

This process would make the stump look fantastic and very high end, the final part is the glass top, we use 10 mm safety glass with polished edges,

size of the glass is down to yourself, maybe a disc works for you or a rectangular slab of glass, the possibility with tree stump tables is endless.


Tree Stump Dining Tables


All our tree stumps are ethnically sourced this isn’t an over night process, but once we have found the right tree stump for you, one thing is certain, it will be totally individual to you and you alone.

These tree stump dining tables can also be fitted with internal LED lights to give an additional touch of glamour  and class

If interested in one of these tree stump tables then don’t look for foreign imports, look to unique Wild Wood furniture for a truly unique table.

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