This Yew coffee table  is made of a stunning slab of scottish yew, the colours are stunning from gold through to several shades of yellow and orange with veins of red running through the timber.

I think Yew is a very underestimated timber and we hope it is something we will use a lot more to make stunning coffee tables.

This yew coffee table sits on two parellel 19mm plate glass slabs, with the table top being mitred at one end forming the main end leg of the table.

This table can be duplicated in any timber of your choice.

We have some lovely timber in stock so if this idea works for you dont hesitate to get in touch, alternatively you may have your own ideas for a yew coffee table,

if so we look forward to your ideas and working with you.
Yew Dining Table are something else we source.

Yew coffee table


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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