Handcrafted solid wood dining table, the wellingtonia commonly know in Europe/UK is the sequoia or big tree in America and is undoubtedly the larges tree on the planet.

We are exceptionally excited to have obtained 2 huge  solid wood slabs fully seasoned and ready for use.

This truly is a once in a lifetime and extremely rare opportunity, for us to transform these solid wood slabs, into two stunning handcrafted designer dining tables measuring 8ft x 4ft x 5inches.

They will retain their unusual unique natural edge and will sit on 4 large bespoke oak legs, a fantastic combination of 2 extraordinary timbers.

Handcrafted solid wood dining table

The reason we are so excited about this find is that in America it is illegal to fell or even collect any fallen limbs of the sequoia, so the chances of us ever coming into contact with this timber again is very rare.

To our knowledge we are the only people in the UK to be offering this once in a lifetime opportunity to have a rare handcrafted, designer dining table with is highly unusual natural edge design in solid sequoia wood.

handcrafted solid wood dining tables

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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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