Solid wood dining tables are exactley what they say (solid wood), we do not use timber veneers or fancy timber clad boards, just beautiful hand selected through and through natural edge timber boards ,many over 3 metres  long and 1metre wide and on occasions we are lucky enough to obtain boards 100mm thick.

Solid wood dining tables

Our solid wood dining tables need you to have a little imagination, and we ask you to spend a little time just thinking of the journey some of these slabs have taken, some many 100s of years old.

Our solid wood dining tables are unique, we feel that we are giving these stunning slabs a new lease of life.

We are all amazed by the beauty of a magnificant tree, we may sometimes wonder its age.

We are now bringing this magic into your home in the form of  wood dining tables.


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Unique wild wood furniture

Unique wild wood furniture

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